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[07 Dec 2004|09:10pm]

whattt did everyone forget about evoka?!
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The Garage anyone? [15 Jun 2004|03:01pm]

anyone planning on going to the show thursday night? i havent' seen them in a few months so i'm pretty excited about going..

last time they played there the place was pretty bare.. i hope more people come out
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May 27th Berkeley Cafe 9 pm $6 Februarys Leaving and Agynst [17 May 2004|03:27pm]

Ok, so anyone who lives in or near raleigh, or knows someone who does...please pass this on:

May 27th, at the Berkeley Cafe...doors are at 9 pm, cover is $6

Februarys Leaving with Agynst

its also a cd release party for Februarys Leaving

Bring all your friends because this is going to be a killer freaking show

Agynst is from Charleston SC, and Februarys Leaving is from Raleigh

i booked this show...so if you dont show, ill hunt you down and make fried something out of ya!

(and Agysnt has played with Evoka..so this is a slightly valid post)
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[05 Apr 2004|07:01pm]

[ mood | content ]



Greetings from Evoka. We welcome the warm weather & in doing so, we will
be hitting the road in support of our new release "When The Day Comes."
The record is now available for purchase on our site for $5.00. The cd
is enhanced with a video, photos, bio etc, so be sure to pick up a copy
through the site or at a show.

To those of you have asked about multimedia content on our site, we are
in the process of switching web servers which will enable us to add much
more material for you viewing and listening pleasure. As always, this
process will take some time so please bear with us.

There are lots of great things happening for Evoka right now, but we
could still use your help. Be sure to enlist in the e:alliance to help
spread the music and art. For doing so, you will eligible for bonus
material and other rewards.

Upcoming tour dates are listed below. Thanks again, and we hope to see
you and your friends on the road soon.


"When The Day Comes" was recorded in Missouri with producer Oran
Thronton. For April's trivia question, can you name Oran's wife's band?

First five correct answers receive two tickets to any upcoming Evoka
show. Please send your answers to trivia@evokamusic.com.


April shows:

Fri April 2- Charleston, SC
Music Farm
With The Young Republicans, Kapone and Agynst
Doors: 9:00
Evoka: 10:30
All Ages

Sat April 3- Myrtle Beach, SC
The Limelite
With Holland
Doors: 7:00
Evoka: 9:00
All ages

Mon April 5- Rock Hill, SC
The Clinic
Doors: 6:30
Evoka: 8:40
All Ages

Thurs April 8- Columbia, SC
New Brookland Tavern
With New August, Bellglide and Doc Sommers
Doors: 6:00
Evoka: 7:30
All Ages

Tues April 13- New York, NY
Arlene’s Grocery
Evoka: 7:00

Thurs April 15- Charlotte, NC
The Room
With Bellglide and Sleepsound
Evoka: 10:20

Fri April 16- Spartanburg, SC
Magnolia Street Pub
With Y.O.U.
Sat April 17- Chapel Hill, NC
Chapel Hill Music Fest

Mon April 19- Pittsburgh, PA
Club Cafe
With Owen's Ring
Doors: 10:00
Evoka: 10:30

Wed April 21- Madison, OH
Cellar Door

Thurs April 22- Newark, DE
Stone Ballroom
With Civics

Fri April 23- Dewey Beach, DE

Sat April 24- Dewey Beach, DE
Rusty Rudder

Wed April 28- Greensboro, NC
The Blind Tiger
With Tinker's Punishment

Thurs April 29- Winston-Salem, NC
The Garage
With Bain Mattox

Fri April 30- Spartanburg, SC
Wofford College
With Civics

Upcoming May shows; Sat May 1- Atlanta, GA(10 High); Tue May 11-
Tallahassee, FL(Big Daddy's); Thu May 27- Athens, GA(Tasty World)

* We are always looking for creative, clever, interesting ways to make
EVOKA better and more interactive with the audience. We welcome any
suggestions or ideas you may have regarding promotion campaigns,
merchandise ideas, fan interactions, etc. Please email management at
info@goldmountainent.com with your ideas. To unsubscribe, please
respond to this email with "Remove" in the subject header.

See you on the road -E

if you're able to go to any of these shows, check out the supporting acts like Y.O.U., Bain Mattox and Tinkers Punishment.

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When the day comes desktop [25 Mar 2004|04:12am]

[ mood | awake ]

heres one more before i go to sleep..i have no clue why photo bucket made it smaller...if it doesnt fit, let me know, and ill send you the 600x800 i have saved.

when the day comes desktopCollapse )


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Evoka Lyrics [24 Mar 2004|10:56pm]

[ mood | content ]

thank Taylor for these. He made it all possible.

tell me now b/c i need to know
we need a miracle to keep us alive
with all the hate make no mistake
why can't we just evade
the feeling that we must control

i'm still holding on
i'm coming after you

hold it down to regain control
to make life beautiful
to keep us alive
and truth they said it never would happen
it's like some sort of reaction
whatever keeps us hanging on

we live to find
what you give
you'll never take it back

i can't sleep it's all i dream about
because i don't know what to do with you
you leave me you leave me hanging on
to a picture perfect view of you

falling faster into you arms you're impossible to resist
falling faster i can't let go you're easy come just so hard to let go

i can't sleep i just keep screaming out
because i don't know what to do with you
you leave me you leave me hanging on
to a picture perfect view of you

falling faster into you arms you're impossible to resist
falling faster i can't let go you're easy come just so hard to let go

falling faster into you arms you're impossible to resist
we belong, we belong, we belong so hold on

on your face
in the morning when i step outside
it slowly starts to fade
in the rain where there is no light
the sun beats on your face
their all addicts but we don't stop
running in their race
in the morning when we step outside
can we slowly start to change

take it easy

in the morning when we step outside
we're starting out of place
in the haste do we search for life
or slowly turn away
they're all traffic but we don't stop
it's slowing down our pace
in the morning when i step outside
we slowly start to change

in the morning when i step outside
i slowly start to change
in the rain where there is no light
the sun beams on my face

don’t be afraid turn around
let me show you what i've done for you
it'll be ok write it down

while everything inside your head is all messed up
you can't forget like a million pieces locked down inside
we can stare until we all turn blue

say now forever and this could be ours

now who's to blame turn around
now the fingers pointing back at you
and i say the same write it down

could it be i'm a sucker for your honesty
i’d do anything to be your saving grace
i’d do anything to be your saving grace

don't stop believing in anything
don't stop believing your everything

and i want you to fly and never come down
you've got the feeling it's bringing me down
and i want you to fly

out of turn
it seems so clear
while i'm on i'm so far away
i hesitate till it's gone they're gone
we're searching for something to say

we're way out of turn
we're way out of turn
it's closing in fast and i find myself on the inside

the things we fear are now
they're gone they're so far away
we never say what is so wrong
we're searching for something to change

i see the need but it's so hard to say
it's over communicate but it's just with me
and i don't know why i coincide
i guess now it's all gone

take it back and the words keep coming
take it back and believe your safe
analyze and we still find nothing
analyze and remain the same
i searched the world in silence
and i'm trying to make some sense

say say say that you're the only one

take it back and your world stops turning
taking it back and believe your safe
you're paralyzed and won't say a thing
you're paralyzed and remain the same
i searched the world in silence
and i'm trying to make some sense

sad eyes
days for the hours keep taking away
for that moment he feels only pain
choose wisely the words that you say
we need love

sad eyes keep calling
but you proclaim it's falling down
sad eyes keep calling
we need love

blame for your words cut like knives through our veins
while the others keep count of your game
choose wisely they can't be erased
we need love

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Desktop [24 Mar 2004|10:28pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

ok, i was a teensy bit bored, and antsy mind you...thats why this is so simple and only took up maybe 5 minute of my time... but any of you who want an evoka desktop, here you go...im making more, better refined and interesting, soon as well..so keep an eye out.

evoka desktop in simplicityCollapse )


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random question. [22 Mar 2004|02:27pm]

what are the lyrics to the chorus of kobra?
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[17 Mar 2004|11:54pm]

[ mood | busy ]

these are all from the dec 29th show @ cumberland's.

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New Tour Dates [13 Mar 2004|01:25am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

from Evokamusic.com

03.19.04 - Jeremiah's House - Chapin,SC
04.01.04 - Hangnail Gallery - Augusta, GA
04.03.04 - The Lime Light - Myrtle Beach, SC
04.04.04 - The Garage - W-Salem,NC
04.05.04 - The Clinic - Rock Hill, SC
04.08.04 - New Brookland Tavern - Columbia, SC
04.13.04 - Arlenes Grocery - New York,NY
04.15.04 - The Room - Charlotte, NC
04.16.04 - Magnolia St. Pub - Spartanburg,SC
04.17.04 - UNC Music Fest - Chapel Hill, NC
04.19.04 Club Cafe - Pittsburg, PA
04.24.04 Rusty Rudder - Dewey Beach, DE
04.28.04 Blind Tiger - Greensboro, NC

you can find supporting acts, etc on the website.

also, Evoka's "Sad Eyes" was featured on the last episode of MTV's Real World. Scroll down.. it's here.

check out the Evoka messageboard.

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[10 Mar 2004|12:35am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Evoka played at UNC-Asheville in the caf the past fall semester. It was awesome. They played with Tinkers Punishment, which was also awesome.

I think I may have imagined it, but I believe one of the band members (bassist?) delivers pappa john's pizza here in asheville when he's not rocking my socks off.


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[08 Mar 2004|08:58pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Welcome to Evoka's live journal community. This is a community where fans of Evoka can post pictures, reviews, meet other fans, etc.

Join Here

if you have any questions, leave a comment or IM me (aim: jennaparker3)


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